I run a translation company and often ask both Rich and Joan to help me with their skills and professional knowledge. They are skillful, responsible, and responsive as well. As translation and marketing industry is flowing very quick and in most cases I need to ask them a quick response and turnaround – and I appreciate their understanding and support to get their jobs done in a timely manner, and in a high quality.

Also, when my Japanese clients want to localize their website or products to English, they often ask us for advice. “We came up with some English product names, but what do you think?” Rich and Joan helped me provide convincing and satisfactory advice and also came up with some better candidates, then their answers made my client happy.”

Satoko Shimooka, SIJIHIVE Inc., Tokyo, Japan

“It is always a pleasure to work with Joan. She has an in-depth knowledge of horticulture, gardens, and permaculture systems. Once committed to a project, whether it is a book review or a longer article, she submits her work on time, and it is always engagingly written and with an eye for detail.”

Maddy Harland, Editor, Permaculture Magazine

“Joan’s writing has been a great resource for my business. I believe the best part of working with Joan is her ability to research the topics she is writing about. The message is clear, creative, efficient, and professional. She is also very prompt in delivering a quality product. I can honestly say Joan has done wonders in expressing my voice through her articles. It’s easy to tell she is very passionate about her craft.”

Taylor Kolon, Pure Equity Group, Columbus, Ohio

“During a particularly long dry spell from our regular contributors, I contacted Rich about writing some articles for us, and he quickly provided a long list of interesting ideas for me to chose from. I picked two, and he turned out two well researched articles which were very insightful and helpful for educators. He was easy to work with and responded well to my comments and revisions before the final draft was published. His article was popular with our readership and shared many times across multiple social media platforms. I hope to work with him again in the future.”

Simeon Flowers, Digital Mobile Language Learning